Blockchain Wallet is getting an upgrade. | Developers Lab

Blockchain Wallet is getting an upgrade. | Developers Lab

  • Tuesday, 24th October, 2023
  • 06:43am


To Wallet is to be Web3 ! To fully control your ^names we are rebuilding our wallet for enhanced features and more control to you.

We are excited to announce that our Blockchain Wallet is undergoing a major overhaul to become a fully-fledged Web3 Names wallet. This means that you will be able to manage your ^names and nfts with more ease and security than ever before.


What are ^names and nfts?


^names are human-readable identifiers that you can use to access decentralized websites and services on the blockchain. They are like domain names, but instead of being controlled by a central authority, they are owned by you and stored in your wallet.


nfts are non-fungible tokens, which are unique digital assets that can represent anything from art and music to games and collectibles. They are also stored in your wallet and can be transferred, traded, or sold on various platforms.


Why do you need a Web3 Names wallet?


A Web3 Names wallet is more than just a place to store your ^names and nfts. It is also a gateway to the decentralized web, where you can interact with various applications and protocols without intermediaries or censorship.


With a Web3 Names wallet, you can:


- View your ^names and nfts in a user-friendly interface

- Transfer your ^names and nfts to other wallets or platforms

- Register new ^names or renew existing ones

- Mint new nfts or buy existing ones

- Explore the decentralized web with your ^names as your identity


How to get started?


The new Web3 Names wallet will be available soon as an update to our existing Blockchain Wallet. You will be able to migrate your ^names and nfts from the old wallet to the new one with a few simple steps. We will provide more details on how to do this in the coming weeks.


We hope you are as excited as we are about this upgrade. We believe that Web3 Names wallet will empower you to take full control of your digital identity and assets on the blockchain. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the future of the web!



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