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The API provides straightforward read and write access commands, facilitating a wide range of functions that enable seamless integration with existing client interfaces. 


It's important to note that Web3Names are distinct from traditional domain names, as they are specifically designed for assigning to web3 and blockchain digital assets. 


Take advantage of an additional income stream by selling Web3Names and boosting your bottom line!




Developers have the ability to establish a public lookup for all Web3Names.

Reseller Calls

Developers and wallet operators can effortlessly incorporate Web3Names their systems.

Marketplace Calls

Specialized commands designed to facilitate the integration of Web3Names into marketplace platforms.

Error Calls

Error codes provide developers with a straightforward way to manage and address errors effectively.


Reseller API Calls

Developers who would like to build a Blockchain Name enabled crypto currency wallet that allows users to both buy Blockchain Names as well as store, send, and receive crypto currencies can use this collection of commands.

Note: "**" = placeholder for a value that must be provided by the developer.






Server Sync**&command=serversync

Will sync server and API key.

IP address synced.

Public Key Lookup**&command=keylookup&name=**

Required attribute = WalletName.

Search for the public key associated with a Blockchain Name.

Check Credits**&command=checkcredits

Will check credit balance for reseller apikey.

The number of credits.

Add New Blockchain Name**&command=addnamekey&name=**&cc=**

Optional "cc" = customer email or customer code.

A new Blockchain Name is registered.

List Names Owned By User**&command=listnames&cc=**

Required attribute = cc.

List of Blockchain Names Owned by user represented by "cc".

Add Blockchain Keys**&command=blockchainkey&name=**&cc=**&symbol=**&key=**

Blockchain Name, cc. symbol, and key are required. This command also allows you to change/update to another key.

0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.

Remove Blockchain Keys**&command=blockchainkey&name=**&cc=**&symbol=**&key=null

Must have "null" for key in order to delete the Blockchain Name.

0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.

List Blockchain Name Categories**&command=sellcats

Optional "display=JSON or HTML".

Returns a list of all selling categories.

List Blockchain Name For Sale**&command=sellname&name=**&cc=**&cat=**&price=**&paymentaddress=**

The WalletName, cc, cat, price, and paymentaddress are all required.

0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.

Cancel Blockchain Name For Sale Listing**&command=sellname&name=**&cc=**&price=null

The WalletName and cc are required. To remove listed status price must "=null".

0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.

Blockchain Name Expiration Date**&command=expdate&name=**

The required attribute is WalletName.

0 (fail) or success (the Blockchain Name expiration date is given.) is returned. Note, this does show in list names owned by use

Renew Blockchain Name**&command=renew&name=**&term=**

The WalletNameand term are required.

0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.

Cancel Blockchain Name**&command=cancelWalletName&name=**&cc=**

This will delete/remove the Blockchain Name.

0 (fail) or success (the Blockchain Name is removed.) is returned.


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